About Me

faceimageI grew up in Buffalo, NY, the youngest of three sisters.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a dancer, and a scout for Mariah Carey even considered me for a part in one of her videos. But, alas, being too short and too nervous, that professional dream faded over time, and in middle school, a new dream was born.

My eighth grade social studies teacher asked questions that didn’t have easy answers, and he pushed me to think for myself. It was in his class that I decided to become a teacher and inspire others the way he had done for me. So I went to college and got a job teaching third and sixth graders in Clarence, NY, focusing mainly on language arts and social studies. Later, my family and I moved to Pennsylvania, and I became an education instructor at Bloomsburg and Bucknell Universities. In all of my teaching, I wanted my students to question and determine their own meaning and understanding within the course context.

Now, I continue to tackle hard questions through my academic studies, writing, curriculum development, and educational consulting. I am pursuing a PhD in Curriculum, Instruction, and the Science of Learning at the University at Buffalo. My writing seeks to find truth and hope in all situations, and examines how experience shapes us. My children’s writing is represented by Louise Fury of the Bent Agency. You can find my work in Highlights for Children, The Marshall Project, The NY Daily NewsScary Mommy, Vice, and more. Through my company, Authors and Educators LLC, I work with authors to develop educational resources for their books. I am also a regular contributor to News-O-Matic and develop educational resources for companies such as Social Studies School Services and Teacher Created Materials. Additionally, I consult independently and with SchoolRise USA to help schools improve and align their writing instruction.

I believe that our outlook and attitude can allow us to thrive in a complex world. There is both pain and love in all of our interactions; there is beauty in everything. I navigate these musings, and occasionally more lighthearted topics, with my husband, three children, and puggle at home in central Pennsylvania and western New York.